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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

DIY Christmas Pillow {dollar spot find}

Hi there!  Last week I had one of those never ending weeks of parenting.  Tall Tan Man was gone for work and Mack decided to go through a growth spurt/mental leap/teething/sickness.  It was like I was  living with a wild animal.  On Friday, after we both almost cried in the grocery store I decided I need a project.  Laying on the couch while watching Netflix and intsa-stories would not fix the funk I had entered.  

Target Dollar Spot always has really cute placemats and they are the perfect pillow size.  I have done this once before and it is simple project that takes about 30 minutes.  I had red gingham fabric already and cut it to the same size as the placemat.  Then I sewed the pillow inside out along the inside seam of the placemat.  Be sure to leave a 4 inch gap on the bottom to stuff your pillow! 

Next I stuffed the pillow and sewed the opening close.  I am pretty terrible at finishing pillows but I figure no one will know that the bottom seam is ugly.  :)

I hope you are staying sane this week before Christmas!  Mack is thankfully back to normal {normal level of crazy...} and is sleeping again.  Can we all agree that when toddlers don't sleep we all lose our minds?!?  

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