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Friday, April 10, 2020

Updated Hutch

Woo hooooo!  The kitchen hutch is DONE and I am totally in love with how it all came together!  When starting this project I had ZERO idea on how I wanted to this hutch to look.  I've learned that if you wait to start until you perfectly know what you want, you will never start.  

I got this hutch/cabinet because our house lacks good storage and I wanted a place to keep my Great Grandmother's china!  I got this cabinet off of Facebook marketplace where I do almost all of my furniture shopping for $100.  The seller was asking $200, I really wanted to only pay $75 but after a few weeks I decided to settle!  

When I refinish furniture I follow the same simple steps everytime:

1.  Fill holes, cracks, scratches with wood filler.  

2.  Clean furniture with a degreaser.

3.  Sand entire piece with 220+ grit sandpaper.  

4.  Tape off any areas you want to keep clean lines.  

5.  Apply an oil based primer using both a roller and cheap brush that you can toss at the end! 

6.  Once primer has dried, sand entire piece to smooth out any brush strokes or mess ups.

7.  Apply paint!  I used Behr Cabinet Paint {Arcade White} and love how well it went on and how it is holding up!  When using a roller it takes between 3-5 coats and I always sand between each coat!  I used a nice brush to get in all the areas the roller would not get to.  {wrap your roller and brush in saran wrap and keep in the fridge in between coats!}

Lastly, I added hardware and wallpaper from Tempaper to the back of the cabinet.  I am so happy with how all of this came together!  

Now I can finally use my Great Grandmother's china and have the extra space so my kitchen cabinets are not so crowded!  Alright, what did I miss?  Do you have any questions? I'd love to help! 

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