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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Cabinet Makeover

Hi y'all! I made it my August goal to blog once a week sharing my furniture projects!  As you may or may not know it is almost the middle of August...  How?  I have no clue!  ðŸ˜† I found this cute cabinet at my local thrift store for $19.99.  This was a project I had been dreaming about for months!

It was dirty, stinky and the top was pretty beat up but nothing that wasn't fixable! 

Cabinet Makeover:

1.  Clean entire piece with {Krud Kutter}. 

2.  Tape off the glass on both the inside and outside.  I use Frog Tape. 👍  Tape hinges off as well unless you are planning on replacing them!

3.  Prime the inside with a roller and Zinsser Oil Based Primer.  I did 2 coat of primer (You might also need a cheap brush to get the corners!  I recommend a cheap brush so you can throw it away when you are done).

Coverage after 1 coat of primer!

4.  Paint the inside of the cabinet with SW Alabaster!  I recommend using a satin sheen.  I ended up doing 3 coats for prefect coverage! 

5.  I painted the outside with a roller and Fusion Mineral Paint in the color Ash.  I recommend finding a local dealer!  In Denver I use The Painted Estate and Vivien knows all the things!

This is up there on my favorite pieces I've done!  I tried using fall colors in my styling to help me forget its still 90° outside!  Please let me know if you have any questions and tag me if you try to recreate this on your own! 💕

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