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Friday, September 4, 2020

Finding the Right Furniture to Refinish!

I got the question months ago... Leslie, how do you find the perfect furniture pieces?! When I started flipping furniture a little over a year ago I had no idea what I was doing, and believe me... I have bought SO many duds.  A few that I just resold almost immediately and some that I got paid almost nothing to refinish.  Now, I am not a genie but I have a few things to look for when shopping on Marketplace, Next Door, and thrift stores!

 Structurally Solid!

Maren Morris said it best, "when the bones are good the rest don't matter!" You can paint over almost anything but if the piece is flimsy, it is not worth your time!  If you are buying from Marketplace, ask the buyer if it is solid.  If it is a dresser, ask them how the drawers slide.  Are there any big cracks in the wood? 

I loved this dresser but the second drawer would not open... even after Sean and I made adjustments it still would not slide nicely.  Ended up just reselling. (Still made a profit bc styling/good pictures mean so much!) 

This looks bad but it is totally fixable!  The cracks aren't too wide which means wood filler can make the gaps almost nonexistent! 

Look at the lines! 

 I recommend looking closely at the lines of the furniture piece and knowing what you can and cannot change.  I am drawn to more simple lines vs. ornate... Let me show you! 

I want to buy this piece so bad!!!  I love the shaker style lower cabinets and the upper cabinets are just so simple and pretty!  Could you picture it painted charcoal with white inside the cabinet?  Who wants me to buy this and refinish it for them?!!

This is totally personal preference but for me this is a no go.  You can not cover up the chunky arches and the baseboard looks frumpy to me.  

Don't buy painted pieces unless you plan on stripping it!  

Painting over paint is something I try to always avoid.  This is because it is really hard to get an even finish and the piece ends up looking sloppy.  

Smell it!

Always ask if the furniture comes from a smoking house because it is hard to get rid of that smell.  

Avoid Peeling Veneer!  

There are ways to remove veneer but it is not always easy!  This dressers top was peeling and the hours I spent removing the veneer made me go kind of crazy! 😂

Measure Measure Measure!

This might seem like common sense, but it so important to know what you are buying.  Pictures online can be so decieving so be sure to get the measurements and try them out in your space.  More than once 😆 I have gone to pick up a piece and it as been way bigger/smaller than expected.   

Alright y'all, I am kicking off the 1st Furniture Flip Challenge today!  So many ideas running through my mind... This is going to be a three week flip and so I need to find a piece that needs major love like these:





Here goes nothing!

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