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Monday, November 2, 2020

Faux Fireplace

Hellooooooo!   I wanted to share our newly updated entry room with y’all!  This room has had a bunch of different looks since we moved in 6 years ago and I think this look is a close second favorite to the blue carpet. 😉 

I did this room for my first One Room Challenge and really loved it for years before I decided I was ready for a change.  The pegboard was by far my favorite item in the room but for the last 2 seasons I was not able to style it…  I felt so stuck.  If only I could have it decorated for Christmas year round…

When I realized I wanted a change I kept trying to talk myself out of it.  I didn’t have a clear spot to move the pegboard so I should wait until I figure that out, right? Wrong.  One day I was in our basement guest bedroom (another One Room Challenge) and got to thinking…

What if I replaced the pegboard with the fireplace?! I was so excited about this change that I decided I’d go ahead and take down the pegboard even though I didn’t know where it was going!  We moved the fireplace up and I decided I wanted the entire opening full of wood instead of just half.  I also used all my existing decor so this transformation only cost us $12!  

I keep telling Sean that Christmas might come sooner than normal this year because I can’t wait to style this new space!  I am on the look out for some different furniture for the room because I’d love some more comfy chairs (these blue ones are technically dining chairs).  Y’all know me, I am all about bargains so it’ll take some time to get this room exactly how I want it!  

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