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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Cactus League

One of my greatest joys in life is spending quality time with my studly man, Sean Jarrett. I feel very blessed to have someone in my life that won’t judge me for my insane dance moves and terrible singing voice (I tend to sing very loud while driving…well, now that I think about it I also dance).   He travels frequently for his job and because of this, I get to visit some really awesome places.  His career is something I admire and am floored that he is able to do what he does.  I love when he is really filthy and makes the pearl fall off the table.  I bet 98% of the people that are reading this are thinking, “what is this weirdo talking about?” (especially if you are a woman)  Sean is a pitcher, and not the kind of pitcher that you put sweet tea and lemon slices in. Four years ago I knew nothing about baseball and now I think I could be a baseball sportscaster (one of my dream jobs…).  Here is a quick lesson: a pearl is a baseball and when some one says the ball falls off the table that means it was a good curve ball.  Also, pitchers always want to be filthy.  I got to be in Phoenix for a week of spring training and had a fantastic trip.  I really did nothing…which is a beautiful thing.  For some reason I forgot to take very many pictures.  Here is a recap of my trip :)

Wake up...go for a run/hike and try not to fall of a cliff or run into a cactus.  This scenery is a little different from Dallas.

Pool time!  The pool was wonderful and so empty/peaceful.  I guess I was so relaxed I forgot to make sure my foot wasn't in the picture.

Baseball time!  Sean was able to back up the MLB team twice when I was there.  I got to visit the Oakland A's and the Rangers facility.  It was pretty weird cheering against the Rangers! 

With some of our free time we hiked Pinnacle Peak.  Pretty sure I was the only one enjoying this...Sean was drooling over all the golf courses we could see from the top. 

Do you see the golf course in the background?  Here is the view from the top.  God always amazes me with his creation, this Texas girl does not see scenery like this very often. 

The trip was wonderful.  I cooked only once and made PW Chicken Parmigiana.  I definitely recommend it.  It look all of my strength to not have seconds.  Sadly though, I still haven’t found anything that has knocked Sean off his feet (which drives me crazy).  I feel very comfortable making desserts, sides, and appetizers.  There is just something about main courses that I have not completely mastered.  Someday I will find something he loves…If you have any fool-proof-manly recipes let me know.  He is definitely a meat eater!

Grace, peace and be sure to enjoy some sweets!  


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  1. Leslie, how have I not seen your blog before now? Love it! You should try making PW's mashed potatoes and steak with brandy and mustard sauce for Sean. Russ loves that. I also have a good homemade mac and cheese recipe if you want it. I'm going to have to try that pizookie! Miss you!


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