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Friday, March 18, 2011

First things first!

One of my favorite things to do is sleep and a close second would definitely be eating.  In the morning this causes quite the dilemma…to sleep longer or get up and eat breakfast?!  For the past year and a half I have chosen sleep and consequently have eaten instant oatmeal for breakfast everyday.  This is not necessarily an unhealthy option but I know I can do better! I have been on a health kick lately; I am trying to be more focused on what I am actually putting in my body not just the calories.  With that being said I have discovered breakfast can be a great way to start the day and if I actually eat something nutritious I wont be starving 30 minutes later.   Here are three of my new options that are not only healthy but are fast and easy.  I hope one of these will seem doable for you and helps you start your day off right! 

Option One:  The Hearty Person, Eggs.   (Approx. 200 calories)

•    1 egg
•    2 egg whites
•    1/3-cup bell pepper
•    2 pieces of turkey bacon
•    Salsa (I personally love salsa and could have it with every meal)
•    Salt and Pepper to taste

1.    The great thing about this option is you can assemble it the night before!  I scramble the 1 egg, 2 egg whites, and 1/3-cup diced bell pepper in a Rubbermaid and refrigerate over night.  Feel free to be adventurous and add other things to spice things up! 

2.    In the morning between blow drying my hair and straitening it...I have a strict routine…I place the egg mixture in a skillet on the stove (be sure to use cooking spray) and cook the turkey bacon in the microwave.  I leave the kitchen to finish my hair and when I return the eggs are starting to bubble and the bacon is done.  While I wait for the eggs to finish I tear up my cooked bacon and place it in a bowl with lots (yes, that is a measurement) of salsa.  Salt and pepper your eggs and then add to your bowl!  This “recipe” is extremely fast and I am full for hours. 

Warning:  I am extremely low maintenance person and straitening my hair does not take a long time.  Please do not burn down your house because I told to leave your eggs cooking while your finished your hair. 

Option 2:  The Wholesome Person, Apple Oatmeal.  (Approximately 250 calories)
•    1 apple, diced and divided
•    ½ cup oatmeal
•    1 cup water
•    2 tsp brown sugar (splenda does have a lower calorie version)

1.    O MY gosh… I will never eat instant oatmeal again.  This is phenomenal.   Again, after I blow-dry my hair I start boiling 1-cup water and half of the diced apple.  Place the other half of the apple in a bowl and toss it with the brown sugar.

2.    By the time I finish my hair the water is boiling.  Place the oatmeal in the boiling water and occasionally stir for about 3-5 min.  When oatmeal is finished pour it into your bowl that already has the apples and brown sugar.  Stir and Enjoy! 

Warning:  If you eat this you will not be hungry for hours.  This was a strange phenomenon to me…you are not dying or coming down with something…this is the feeling of eating real-non-processed food for breakfast.

Option 3:  The Greek Goddess  (Approximately 160 calories)

•    1 container of Dannon 0% greek yogurt
•    ½ cup blue berries
•    1/3 cup Special K: Multigrain Oats and Honey

Mix all above together...devour. 

Grace, peace, and be sure to enjoy some sweets!


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