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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Anthro Inspired Comforter

I have had one of the laziest weekends in a long time.  This is the first weekend in 6 weeks I have not gone out of town...I will admit though, I miss seeing my Tall Tan Man.  This is a picture from last weekend during our Easter lunch. 

I really need to get some ribbon to finish a project I started yesterday, but that requires me to leave the house.  This gloomy day is beating me down!  Since I don't get to share with y'all my current project I will show you a past one!  I made this before I had a blog and was just discovering the entire world of blogging.  I found this blanket tutorial on a really awesome blog, Kojo Designs.  I had been eying this comforter on for about 6 months but wasn't ready to fork out the money.  Anthro is by far one of my favorite stores...Anyway, I went out and bought the needed materials and lucky me we had a 4 day ice storm.  At the time I didn't think it would actually take me four days to make but it did (no joke).  There were moments during the project that I wanted to throw this in the fire place.  This project was not difficult but very tedious!  In the end I am glad I did not throw it in the fire place!  I love how it turned out!  These little rosettes turned out great!

I made a queen size because when I move out I plan on buying a queen (I will make sure to post pictures when I actually get to put it on a bed)!

I am in love with a comforter...

Grace, peace and be sure to enjoy some sweets!



  1. This is awesome too! How am I just now finding all of these? Loooove your comfoter!

  2. Leslie! I love your blog! I am a DIYer and have LOVED watching what you have been doing and making! How did you make this!?


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