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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Directors Chair Redo

My weekend project is finished!  I guess it is not a weekend project if I don't finish until Tuesday.  I did pretty much nothing all weekend except go to my little brothers last baseball game.  He is so handsome :)  He is going to be a freshman at the University of Arkansas next fall.  I guess I better learn how to call the hogs! 

Here is the chair I bough a couple months back:

I had been looking for a cute directors since school began to put in my classroom.  I guess they are not popular because I couldn't find one anywhere. Luckily, I went into World Market and found a semi beaten up one they were willing to sell me!  Since the chair was a little broken the manager gave me a discounted price.  I only payed $15 for both the cover and the chair!  I was so excited!  I am very glad I didn't have to pay...

The weekend was really rainy and gross so I didn't do any painting.  I was able to stay busy, because there was plenty of sewing to do.  I started by pinning the ribbon down on the seat.  

I went back and forth about what design to do, but I finally decided on a diamond design.

I wanted to mix things up for the back and went with basic stripes.  

Let the sewing begin!

I finished the edges by folding the ribbon over to the bottom of the seat and sewed across.  

I cheated a little bit with some hot glue.  The edges that go into the groves of the chair are not easy to sew. 

Here is the finished product!  I can't wait to put it in my classroom :)

I was really happy how the seat and back turned out. 

Have a great week full of Cinco de Mayo and Mother's Day celebrations!

Grace, peace and be sure to enjoy some sweets!


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