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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Book Pages Love Sign

I have been staring at my desk a lot lately...well, that isn't hard to do, because I have only 3 rooms in my apartment{bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen/dinning/living/officeing{?} room}.  I have most of my crafts located in this area, and it seems only fitting that this area is fabulous.  Here is the desk when I moved in:

I half tried decorating the desk area once...

Ugh.  I will talk to you more later about hiding organizing my things.  Today, I am just talking about my "new" sign.  I had this frame from college {there were some really terrible pictures of me from my freshmen year}.  I love this project because it is SO easy.  First, I mod podged old book pages onto the glass.

I did not worry about cutting the pages, because the glue made the paper wet and easy to tear. I picked up these letters at Hobby Lobby for half off. :)  This project only cost me $8, because I already owned the book, frame, and mod podge.  Here are the three set ups I was deciding between.

This is what I picked!

DoNe. :)


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