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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Holy Moly

Oh my goodness has life changed in the last 6 days.  For the better thank goodness.  Last weekend I went to Norman for some good ol' Oklahoma football.  Tall Tan Man "flew" in for the game, and Sarah and I drove from Dallas.  We had fun seeing the mums...

Tailgating...which usually turns into a photo shoot.

Watching Pawpaw turn 88 was wonderful...

And lastly I GOT ENGAGED! There are still no words for how happy I am.  Thankfully, my cousin/friend/MOH was there to take pictures.  I will be sure to share them when I get them.  :)  We might have picked a date {I am up to 77% sure}.  This is up from yesterday.  Regardless of all that hoop-law I am just beyond excited to call Tall Tan Man mine forever and ever.  


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