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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wedding Hotel Welcome Bags

Hello!  Can I just say I am so ready for spring to start? Yesterday it was 84 outside, and today it is 56.  I know I need to toughen up, because when I move to Colorado 56 is going to be a warm spring day.  My move countdown is almost three months, and it seems I am more ready for graduation than my seniors!  I can't wait to actually live with my husband!  :)  This living separate while being married totally sucks... it is much more difficult than I expected. 

On top of being apart Tall Tan Man got in a bad accident last week.  Scared me to death.  It could of been much worse so I am thankful he can still walk and is alive.  We are praying that the remaining pain and headaches go away with time.  Alright, enough of that sad stuff!  When our out of town guests checked into the hotel for our wedding they got welcome bags.  I wanted our guests to know how excited we were that they were there. 

Each bag contained:

We also wanted our guests to know where good places were to eat, things to do that were close to the hotel, and where to be when.  One thing I wanted to make sure to remember through the whole process was to be myself.  Tall Tan Man and I are goofy so I thought this cover photo was perfect :)  Thank you Meghann Jaline Photographie for taking our amazing engagements. 

Of course we had to make sure people knew they were in the great state of Texas!  I found these postcards in the Texas store in Stonebriar Mall.  

Hope ya'll are having a good week!  I only have 3 more days till spring break! :)

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