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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Knock Off Mirror

 I am a blogging fool when I am not working!  The only downside to having a week off is I am sleeping too long and now I have a nasty crick in my neck... It's rough. :)  I made this mirror a while back, but I just got around to styling the table.  I really wanted this mirror from Pottery Barn:

There are bunch of different tutorials online on how you can make this mirror from scratch.  I decided that I didn't really want to do that, because even making it yourself was pretty pricey.  I found this mirror on sale at Hobby Lobby and I got an extra percentage off because the frame was a little messed.  I believe I only paid $15 on it!  Yehawww. 

Sorry for the terrible phone picture...  My fabulous/design expert/friend Jill, was in town and she helped me on this project.  She covered all the mirrors with paper and painters tape.

I spray painted the mirror with Rustoleum Brushed Bronze.  I also wanted to the mirror to look more like the Pottery Barn one so I added Mirror Rosettes. 

I got these at Lowes {not home depot} in Hardware Department.  I spray painted them, and then attached them to the mirror with super glue.  

I love how the mirror turned out!  I wish the mirror had beveled edges, but this will work... for now. :)

I will be doing a post soon over the table in the picture!  Y'all have a wonderful Wednesday!


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