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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our Christmas Stockings

Last year one of my cousins asked me if I could make her some burlap stockings.  My thought was: of course I can, how hard can it be?  Well...easier said than done.  My living room ended up covered with burlap scraps, and I was one pissed off frustrated DIYer.  I am going to go ahead and blame this fail on planning a wedding in 3 months and my brain being too fried to handle it.  This year I decided to give it another go and it was surprisingly really easy.  I got the burlap from the "returned/clearance" section of hobby lobby.  Now, please don't be mad at me... I 'think' it was a yard and a half of fabric and that was enough for our two stockings.  I also got a yard and a half of the plaid fabric {they have this in the Christmas section}.  You will also need thread, a sewing machine, an already made stocking {or you could make a stencil}, and ribbon.  

Ok, let's get started {one stocking at a time}!

1.  Trace the already made stocking onto the burlap, and cut out a half inch from your line.  Do this twice. Only trace the stocking part not the top piece of the fabric. 

2.   Sew along your mark and make sure you don't sew the top!  

3.  Turn your stocking right side out.  I ironed the stocking next which made it look 10 times better. Make sure the iron is on low and spray them heavily with water.  

4.  I then took my already made stocking with the top unfolded {I checked this to make sure the stocking would do this before I bought it}, and traced the stocking onto the plaid just like you did with the burlap.  Cut a 1/2 inch outside your line then sew along your line.  Go head and turn your stocking right side out and sew a 1/2 inch seam around the opening of your stocking. 

5.   Now turn your plaid stocking wrong side out and place inside the burlap stocking and fold over the top. 

6.  Place a button on the outside top corner of the stocking and a loop of ribbon inside the finished stocking.  I sewed the button and the ribbon onto the stocking.  I used a button on the outside so you could not see the sewing. 

That's it!  You can do it! 

I am pretty pumped we have homemade stockings for our first married Christmas.  :)  

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