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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday Morning Donuts

 Happy Saturday!  Just wanted to say a quick hi and share a donut recipe with y'all.  I found this {Lemon Blueberry Donuts} recipe on the Wipperberry Blog a couple weeks back.  I had been waiting for the best time to try them out, and after running three miles on treadmill this morning I thought it was perfect timing.  If I am being honest I was virgin frier and pretty nervous about a vat of hot oil.  That sounded weird...I am happy to say there were no injuries, and the donuts turned out pretty delicious.  Go on over and check out the {recipe}, and I will share just a couple things!  I used a garlic press to cut the hole.   

The only issue I had with the recipe was the glaze.  It turned out waaaay too thick.  I wish I just drizzled it on instead of dunking them.  This didn't stop me from eating two of them, because they were still super yummy!  Have a great weekend! :)


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