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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DIY Birthday Cards

 HI!  One of my favorite things is to walk around Hobby Lobby with no exact purpose.  I feel like there are so many hidden treasures just waiting to be found!  One of my {goals} for 2014 is to send out Birthday cards.  I have always been terrible at this.  I actually can't remember the last time I put a card on a birthday or shower present.  I usually have to raise my hand and say "oh that ones from me!"  With my new goal I thought I would get more into it if I made my own cards.  So I headed to Hobby Lobby and a couple hours later I came home with all this...

Tall Tan Man decided he had to go golfing, which let me get a little craft crazy.  I think it was too much pink and glitter for my manly man. I did find some ideas {here} before I got started.

Option One

The first card I created was a cake made out of the decorative tape.  Nothing technical about it at all.  Making the cake stand was a little tricky, but I sketched out the shape on computer paper and cut it down until I was happy.  After I was happy I traced the stand onto the glitter paper and vuala! 

Option Two

I feel silly explaining this one, because it is as simple as it looks.  1.  Arrange decorative tape at different heights 2. Cut out flames from gold glitter paper  3. Glue on flames

Option Three

Yep, this one is simple as well.  1.  Cut out the bottom of the cupcake {I cut out a box first then angled the sides}  2.  Sketch the frosting on computer paper then use that as a stencil  3.  Cut out frosting  4.  Use the decorative tape to make the candle

Alright y'all, I'm onto my next project. Hopefully it will make this week go a little faster!


1 comment:

  1. I love this!!
    You have a great ideas and i really love the finish birthday card that you made, like on the photos, its look nice.
    by the way, thank you for sharing this one. :) Cheers! :)


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