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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

14 in 2014 {Update #2}

I am making progress!  Woooo!  I am very happy I decided to make this goal list.  It has made me step out of my comfort zone {aka get off the couch on Sunday afternoon}, and take a photography class.  

I had no idea what shutter speed, aperture, or iso meant...  Now I kind of know what they mean, and need to start practicing.  It is so fun to have control of the camera. The next thing I have been able to cross off my list is sending birthday cards.  Now I haven't sent many, but I have sent more than I have my entire life.  You should check out how I {DIYed birthday cards}. :)

I finally made my way to Dallas after being away for almost 9 months.  I hadn't been away from Dallas for that length of time since I was 4.     

1.  Run two races. 
2.  Take our honeymoon. 
3.  Take my camera off automatic.  
4.  Make friends at church.   
5.  Buy a house.!!!??? 
6.  Hike a fourteener.   
7.  Visit friends in Dallas, Houston, OKC, Phoenix and Nashville. 
8.  Go skiing 
9.  Finish a non Nicholas Sparks book.   
10.  Cook a seafood dish for Tall Tan Man {i loathe seafood}.   
11.  Take a cake decorating class this summer.   
12.  Send birthday cards.   
13.  Work on getting abs.   
14.  Get a blowout. 

OKC you are next!  


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