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Thursday, April 3, 2014

No Wax Left Behind

It totally drives me crazy when I feel like a candle has plenty of wax left and the candle won't light.  Especially if I spent some big money on that candle...I had saved three volcano candles because I thought I could do something with the pretty jars.  I got to thinking that the amount of wax left in each might make another candle.  And it did!


Old Candles
A freezer
Butter Knife
Wax Pan {I got mine pretty cheap with a 40% of coupon at Hobby Lobby}


1.  Go find all the candles in your house.  Make sure the candles will combine nicely.  

2.  Freeze the candles for 15 - 30 minutes. If you are like me it took a little bit of work to make some room.  :)

3.  Cut the wax right down the middle.  This might be enough to make the wax come out.  If not, cut the wax into quarters.  Dump wax out onto a paper towel.  

4.  Before you cook the wax you will want to get out as much of the black stuff as possible.  I didn't do this, but realized as I was melting it I should of.  

5.  Melt the wax at a VERY low temperature for about 20 minutes.  Stir ofter.  

6.  While you are warming the wax go ahead and glue the wick to the bottom of one of your jars.  

7.  Pour the wax into your jar.   The wax will look clear. 


:)  I washed out my other jars with soapy warm water.  

I love daffodils.


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