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Monday, July 7, 2014


Tall Tan Man and I just got back from a little vacay to Pueta Biairta, Meh-he-co {Puerto Vallarta, Mexico}!!!  We had so much fun getting away together!  We considered this our honeymoon because we didn't get a real vacation after our wedding {going to Austin, TX for 3 days was nice just not honeymoon nice}.  This was the view from our room: 

Turns out July is rainy season {I was freaking out} but the clouds were usually gone by lunch everyday {phewww}.  We had never traveled together before so we did a couple things that I would of never done.  Example One.  When we got passed customs I am used to putting my head down and walking as fast as I can passed all the sales people.  Tall Tan Man had a different idea.  He wanted to see if we could get a good deal for something...

This picture was from our nice sales meeting at a hotel that was much nicer than our own.  It ended up being a good situation because we got two cab rides {to/from downtown} and tickets to an awesome show called The Rhythms of the Night.  And we didn't spend the $21,000 to get the 25 year package deal...  

 Our favorite activity of the trip was going to The Rhythms of the Night.  This show was so fun because it was on a secluded beach and the dancers were very talented.  They were trained by the same people that do Cirque Du Soleil {that's what Eddie our sales guy told us, so it has to be true}.  The show was very entertaining, but if I am being honest I couldn't follow the story line...I am sure this is because I was more focused on if I could do a summersalt without letting my butt hit the ground.  After the show we had our best dinner of the entire trip!

Overall the trip was great.  I am not sure we would go back to the same resort {my stomach did not like the food} but Puerto Vallarta was beautiful. Here are some other pictures from the trip:


P.S. All these high quality photos were taken with my iphone.  Am I the only one too nervous to bring my nice camera to Mexico?

P.S.S.  We don't have wifi in our new place yet so I am doing all my blogging from Panera.  Which means I don't have my proof reader...or my couch...and there are a lot of cookies here...

P.S.S.S.  I will be back later THIS WEEK to show you our new place. 

P.S.S.S.S. I can't wait for the Bachelorette tonight.  Are you excited?!

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