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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Hi ya'll!  I can't believe how fast the summer has flown by...  Time flies when you're having fun and when you're moving {which is not fun}.  All of our things are finally in our new temporary home.  It just took four days, and approximate 67 trips up and down 3 flights of stairs.  If you are a new reader Tall Tan Man and I have been looking for our first house since Valentines Day weekend and have had absolutely NO luck.  After a few May melt downs and fights we decided it was time to take a break from looking at houses.  Our apartment complex had already leased our apartment, and that meant we were in a bind on where to live.  We had two options; 1. Find a new apartment and lease it for only 6 months {cons: rent for shorter periods of time is stupidly more expensive}  2.  Move into Tall Tan Man's Gpa's empty house {cons: reeeeeally far from where we work and my new gym that I am obsessed with}. 

We chose option two because rent was a lot cheaper {cough, free} and we wouldn't have another stressful deadline on finding a house.  Living in a rental has it's challenges for someone that loves decorating.  There are lots of things I would love to do to the house {floors, paint, kitchen updates} but this is not something that can be done.  I also have to respect that this was my Grandfather In Law's house for 31 years and he doesn't want a lot of things changed.  

Here are some current pics of our house, along with things we still want to do.  I am sorry it is a mess, but I was more ready to show you our progress than clean...

The Living Room

  • Hang {these} pictures
  • Figure out window treatments
  • Get Tall Tan Man to clean up the cords on the floor
  • Maybe add some color with a fig tree
The Kitchen

  •  Update the table {strip the black paint, possible get a new top made}
  • Find all new chairs {there were four before Tall Tan Man dominated two of them}
  • Paint kitchen cabinets, take down upper middle cabinets that make it hard to see into the eating area, and replace all appliances.  A girl can dream.  
The Entry Way

  • Repair the wood floor where double stick tape used to be
  • Accessorize the entry table
Our Bedroom

  • Make new throw pillows {too much white right now}
  • Window treatments that aren't a blanket duck taped to two rods tall enough to cover the windows.  My husband is so creative.
  • Find a big mirror to go above the dresser
  • Recover the white chair in the corner
  • Convince Tall Tan Man that it is time we get a second dresser.  Once victorious, stain our new dresser and add new knobs.
Guest Room 

  • Find Bedding
  • Add bed skirt, blanket, and throw pillows to make bed look more chic than country.
  • Find a place for Tall Tan Man's guitar
  • Update {this} headboard
  • Repaint Dresser
  • Repaint Nightstand

  •  I don't know where to even start...  This room is last on my list.  
Alright, I don't know if this post was more for you or for me!  Hope you are having a fantastic week.  I have a brisket in the crockpot and homemade ice cream in the freezer.  I'd say I am doing just fine. :)


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  1. Although that may be your temporary house, I'm already seeing lots of design and decors potential to make the spaces and rooms really your own. There are a lot of things on your list, but I'm sure everything is going to be done if you put your heart into it. I'm wishing you all the best on that!

    Lynn Williamson @ DAL Builders


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