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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Painting File Cabinets {what I learned}

I looove short weeks...  I can't believe today is already Friday!  In our old home we had {this} desk but I wanted something different, and unique for our new house.  I had seen a bunch of DIY desks created with file cabinets and loved the idea of having extra storage.  I have turned into a little bit of a Craig's List addict and I got both of these for $50.  They were in great shape, but just different colors... Which I was totally okay with because I knew I wanted to paint them a fun color.

DIY Painted File Cabinets

1.  Take out the drawers and removed the hardware.  {I did not have a hard time doing this but from a lot of tutorials I read this can be a challenge. My suggestion: Google it.}

2.  Lightly sand and then prime the cabinets using an oil based primer and a small paint roller.  

3)  I used a Valspar spray paint {Indigo}.  I decided, after this project I should of used a paint roller {TRUST ME!}.  I think the roller would of saved me time, money, and frustration.  I ended up using EIGHT cans of paint trying to make the paint look even.

4)  To finish the cabinets apply a clear polyurethane with a paint roller {not lacquer}.  Confession time, I actually skipped this step...eek.  I was just so over painting these cabinets and so far I haven't had any chips {fingers crossed}.     

The office is still my favorite room!


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  1. 8 cans? wow. If it's any help, I just finished doing an old metal card catalog cabinet. I sanded and primed with Kilz (and lightly sanded again if it felt rough) and painted with 3 different types of paint (I was going for something special). I did milk paint, chalk paint and regular paint. Don't use a roller. Just get a good brush.
    The paint goes on nice and smooth if your primer is smooth. Feel free to check it out... Makemeprettyagain

    1. Thank you for the advice! I love your cabinet!


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