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Friday, March 20, 2015

Extending Kitchen Cabinets to the Ceiling

We have some REALLY EXCITING things going on in the kitchen right now!!!  I can barely contain my excitement.  :)  I showed you that picture to make sure you remembered where we started...  

Removing the island made the room look so much more open. You can see more detailed progress posts {here and here}.  Unfortunately, I still felt like there was something missing from the room.  After a couple debates and a lot of google searching we decided to extended the cabinets to the ceiling.  Tall Tan Man started by attaching wood blocks {he used a 2x2} 3/4 inch away from the edge of the cabinet. 

He also attached blocks to the ceiling that were the same distance from the edge of the cabinet.  

Next he used his favorite new tool, a nail gun, to attach 1x10's to the wood blocks.  We were really lucky, because we had exactly 10 inches above the cabinets to the ceiling. 

For the first time since we moved in our kitchen actually felt like it was coming together {even if it was just a tiny bit}!

Up next he added trim to hide the seam between the cabinets and the new wood.  

We bought the trim at Home Depot, AND for the first time in my life the trim I wanted was the cheapest one.  :)  We also bought the crown molding at Home Depot.

Tall Tan Man loved every moment of it...

That stud muffin only messed up on one cut {and it was his first cut}!!! 

Lastly, TTM went through and caulked the trim and molding. 

Guess what...  Everything is getting painted over SPRING BREAK!  Guess what...  I am on SPRING BREAK!  I really love being a teacher {seriously, I do}.  I have been telling people that we are painting the cabinets white and I have gotten two reactions.  

Oh, they are going to look amazing!!!
You are painting the wood?

Yes, I am PAINTING the wood and it is going to look AMAZING!  Please let me know if you have any questions about this post.  I hope you have the happiest of Fridays!   

UPDATE!  Check out our {kitchen} now! 



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  1. WOW! I'm impressed with the work you have done so far. I love that you took the cabinets all the way to the ceiling. It looks awesome!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration and for sharing on Show Me Saturday! Pinning!

  2. this will look so good. my kitchen is similar, and i always wonder if the wood soffit makes the room darker...? but seeing how good yours already look makes me think to remove it would be going backwards. can't wait to see how this turns out.

  3. Cannot wait to see the end result. The white will be amazing! How different the room looks without the old lights over the cabinets, if that was all you had done it would look awesome, but the new trim and the white will be like a whole new room!

  4. What a huge difference! You must be so excited! I love when a pretty simple project has such a huge impact :)
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Your TTM is funny! Nice one. The kitchen is awesome too.

  5. Hello love the crown molding can you tell me the name of the crown molding wood trim? Thanks Karen...

    1. Hi there! I am so sorry I can't find the name anywhere. I know the skinny trim piece was one of the cheapest in the specialty trim section at home depot. Hope that helps!


  6. Love this so much! For the sheets of wood that you nailed to the small wooden blocks, what kind of wood/size (thickness) did you use?

    Thanks :)

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  8. Hi! About how long did it take you to do the top of the cabinets? A day? It looks amazing!

  9. Hi! About how long did it take you to do the top of the cabinets? A day? It looks amazing!

    1. Hi Mackenzie! If I am being honest, I can't 100% remember.... Sorry! I think it was 1 day. It should only take a day unless you have to have to go back to Home Depot several times. :)


  10. They look great! How did you attach the 2 x 2's to the cabinets? Did you put a nail down through the cabinets or up through it into the 2 x 2? Thanks

    1. We nailed the 2 x 2 to the cabinets! The top of our cabinets is 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch wood so we had not problem using nails. I think wood glue wood also work it would just slow down the process... Hope this helps, good luck!



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