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Monday, August 10, 2015

12 weeks {already behind!}

Hello!  Oh my goodness, I had such good intentions about doing bump updates every week but that has not happened.  Also, I was super hopeful that I would be getting little more of a bump and a little less of an inter-tube....but that is not what my body is doing!  July was a crazy month for us.  We went to Houston, Nashville, Oklahoma City and Dallas {hence no bump pics for 13, 14, or 15 weeks}.  I am getting to the point where almost all my clothes are fitting just wrong.  Last weekend I got to celebrate my sweet friend Sarah.  

14 weeks pregnant

I'd like to call my dress, the last dress standing.  Since it may be the last dress in my closet I can wear out of my house without being self conscious.  The first day of school is tomorrow and I think I am just going to wing my outfit in the morning.  Which is the opposite of what I have done in the past but I just can't even think about it!  I am going to ask Tall Tan Man to help me with the videos from when we told our families THIS WEEK.  They are pretty awesome, I think.  :) 

I hope you have an awesome week! 


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