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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Kitchen Remodel {Summer Progress}

Hello!  What do you think of our summer progress?  I put the kitchen back together yesterday morning and every time I walk in the room I am so surprised!  Holy cow, this looks like a kitchen that I love!  It is a GREAT feeling.  We definitely have more work to do, but let me first talk about what we have done.

What do you think of those countertops?! I am in LOVE. They deserve their own post {which I will get to asap}.  We Tall Tan Man also added the subway tile backsplash, which totally changed the look of the room.  I wanted to keep it simple, because ultimately we are doing all this to sell. 

I use to think the picture on the left looked good. haha Oh how times have changed.  Our apron front sink is from Ikea.  I might have to take it with us when we move...

 We still have plenty to do in the kitchen {and it ain't cookin', jk, kind of}.  First off, the cabinets under the sink need to be redone because of the new sink. 

We haven't decided what we should do in this corner yet.  Add open shelves?  Leave it open?  We kept the hook up for under cabinets lights, but we are going to remove that.   What do you think we should do?  HELP!

This little nook caused quiet a few debates.  We could not decide what to do with it for months.  Finally, I just decided to get as much counter space as possible and it was the right choice!  This space has made cooking so much more relaxing.   I am not sure if relaxing is the right word...this space has not added any additional stress to cooking.  :)  Tall tan man needs to add the crown molding and I need to paint it.   

Lastly, we have to finish the floors and baseboards.  That is not too many things, right?  

I hope you are having a great Sunday!  If you want to check out all our other kitchen progress post click {here, here, and here}.

I am so ready for fall!


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  1. Wow! What a difference. The kitchen is so light and inviting now.

  2. You've done a great job. You've certainly reassembled your kitchen in ways that make it look fresh and modern. I really like the new sink you have now, ditching the metallic-looking one for something that is white and kind of monolithic. It also helps that you have a divided sink, since you can distribute the various washings. It appears to be even bigger than your previous one, which means more washed dishes at a time. A really fine update, in my opinion. Cheers!

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing

  3. looks great! it must feel so much more open to you without that giant hoodvent thing! we are in the midst of a kitchen reno, and we took out the over the oven microwave and it feels much more open when i am cooking. i love the look of corner shelves that make the l shape...could you do something like that in that corner spot?
    good luck, and enjoy!

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