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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Card Display!

I am back again! Woooo, I am a blogging machine :) We just "finished" two more rooms in our house and I am in need for some more wall d├ęcor.  I am hoping to show you the two rooms soon, I just have a couple things I want to finish before I do. :)  I had been swooning over {this} Christmas card display by Lolly Jane and I knew it would be perfect in our front room.  I love this project so much because I had almost all the supplies and I could do it with almost no help from Tall Tan Man.  I need him to put my shoes on these days so it was nice being independent! :)


2 - 48" 1x2s
2 - 30" 1x2s
Stain - Dark Walnut
Corner L brackets
Screw Driver
Chicken wire {I used another type because we already had it}
Staples & Staple Gun
Wreath {Optional, but totally a game changer if you ask me}
Ribbon {target dollar spot}
Mini Clothes Pins

*You can really cut these to whatever size you want.  I saw someone make one of these square and it was so CUTE!


1.  Stain the cut boards (Thank you Tall Tan Man for helping with this, our son's brain development also thanks you).

2.  Attach the L brackets with your screw driver.

3.  Use your staple gun to attach the chicken wire to the back of your frame. Make sure you pull this as tight as you can.  You do not want saggy wire!

4.  Attach your wreath with whatever ribbon you choose.

5.  Hang up your frame.  Stand back and admire your beautiful new Christmas card display!

I only had to buy one 1X2, a boxwood wreath, and ribbon for this project.  I could of made this project for under $5 if I would have been okay with a traditional Christmas wreath and the ribbon I already had.  Not to shabby!

Christmas cards make me happy!  We are a little behind the ball this year, because I just ordered ours today... Why yes, I would love to pay a million dollars to expedite our delivery.  :)

It is finals week y'all, my work here is done!

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