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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Mack's 12 month basket picture!

Oh my goodness, I have a busy and sweet one year old!!  Mack had a busy month of becoming super mobile and perfecting is throwing motion.  Unfortunately, his throwing motion happens mainly at meal time and it doesn't matter if the chicken has ketchup on it.  This month Mack {knock on wood} has been sleeping much better!!! Woo hoo!  He had been waking up at random times during the night and crying/yelling/talking.  It was no fun and I was spending way too much money on coffee...  This basket was the first thing I bought when I found out I was pregnant {not counting a second pregnancy test}.  I might take another picture when Mack turns 18 months or 18 years, we will see.  :)


And here is our crazy boy!!!

For the first time in months he didn't fight the basket picture.  I think he was actually enjoying himself. haha  Mack has become a fickle eater... He doesn't like to mix his food and refuses Chick Fil A french fries.  WHAT?!  I don't know how that is possible...  Mack still doesn't have any words.  A couple times he has said mahhhh mahhh but I am not sold that was his first word.  

Alright y'all, thank you for stopping by to look at my adorable baby that might not be considered a baby for much longer.......... wahhhh 

I'll be back later this week to share a yummy Valentines dessert! 


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