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Friday, February 3, 2017

The Updated Garage Room!

Happy Friday!  I cannot believe I am showing you our last major room transformation!!!  Y'all, this home flipping business is no joke.  I am working on two post about the entire process.  One will be about all that we have learned and the other will be all of the before and afters. 

The previous owners converted the garage into a bonus room.  We really wanted a garage and contemplated converting the room back into a garage, but the laundry hookups were moved to the back of the bonus room.  So in the end it would of cost us more than we would make from having a garage... I despise winter and a cold car! {crying face emoji}  
Now one thing I really wish we would of done is take down the wall in between our front room and the bonus room.  I think this would of created a totally different feel to our house.  But we did not and this would of been quiet the undertaking.  Now this room was not an easy flip...

The carpet was gross, it was fully paneled, had a tiled ceiling, and well... a million pound safe.

I am thinking this is where they kept all their weed money from the pot room downstairs.  We will never know because we got rid of it without checking.  Now before you call me bad names, the safe had been drilled and I'm sure the real estate company made sure they weren't missing out on a bunch of money.  I also highly doubt someone whose house went into foreclosure had millions of dollars in a safe.  We looked into safe removal and everything cost more than we wanted to pay.  Tall Tan Man in his infinite wisdom found someone who would come take the safe for free and use it for scrap metal!  Heck yes!  I couldn't believe it! 

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Yep, my hunk of a husband can move a million pound gun safe.  This room for the longest time was our trash/storage/work room. 
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It would of been a death trap for Mack... We made sure to have the walls up and carpet replaced before he was born.  We are real responsible like that. ;)  Now, we considered removing the paneling and dry walling, but that was not something we would do ourselves.  Instead we ripped out all the old cabinets and used the paneling that was around the safe to finish the wall. 

Up next we painted the room the same color we painted the office, Glidden Snow White.  I have a detailed post {here} on how to paint paneling. 

OK, one more look at the before...

and AFTER!!!

Soon I will do a separate post on our beadboard ceiling because it was quiet the process.  And I know y'all are dying to know every single detail!  We moved our coffee table into the garage room because our sunroom needed more floor space for our crazy toddler.  Here is another beautiful shot of what the room looked like before.

And AFTER!!!

We wanted the room to be an office/play room so we converted the office we had {which is next to Mack's room} into a guestroom.  I thought having another bedroom upstairs would help make our house more desirable to a buyer.  If I am being really honest, this helped Grandma get up with Mack in the morning.   

This is my new pretty view from my kitchen! Soooo much better!

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. What a great room makeover! The white walls give the space such an open, airy feel. Love the furniture choices.

  2. Good bonus room for your home and making the office into a bedroom does make the house more attractive to families as well.

  3. Wow!!! Much better!! if you are anything like me -you would be spending so much time in there because I would be so proud of the way it looks now!! Very cute room!!

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