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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

My Latest Target Clearance Find: Marble Planter

Ahhh this might be one of my favorite Target clearance finds ever!  {but that might be because I have lost track of all my purchases...}. I am a sucker for the marble look and when I spotted this {canister} I knew I needed it.  Ok Mom, wanted it.  :)

Our bathrooms have almost no counter space so I knew I wanted to use this canister in the kitchen.  I thought about using it to hold our sugar {aka truvia} next to our coffee machine, but then I decided it would be a cute planter!  If you're wondering how much this canister cost me...

Yep, pretty cheap! I should use all that money I saved to buy some lotion for my hands... 

I recently posted about {some of my favorite faux plants}.  I talked about not being able to keep plants alive while also keeping my tiny human alive.  In typical Leslie fashion I changed my mind a week later. :)

So if you ever feel like reminding me to water my plants, please do!  Especially that fern on the tops shelf. ;)  Now I am a little worried about misplacing the top to the canister.  So in a month when I decide I can't keep anything alive I can use it to keep our sugar!  What do you think about this solution? 

Happy Decorating! 


  1. Leslie, just water the succulent with a spray bottle mist once a week, otherwise I find that they get too much water and die from overwatering!!

  2. Your planter does look nice... unique and a nice touch. :)

  3. That makes a very elegant planter and the lid looks great as a base. Thank you for sharing at Tuesdays with a Twist! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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