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Thursday, April 27, 2017

One Room Challenge {W4}: My New Entry Table

Hello!  I am back for week 4 of the One Room Challenge and I am so happy I've stuck with this.  So many times when I get stuck decorating I just move on and never get a room to where I want it.  This little challenge is pushing me to actually make decisions and get stuff done!  It reminds me of why it was a good thing my engagement was only three months...  :)

Last week I felt like things were really rolling and that our entry room is already a million time better.  

Now I hadn't really touched the other side of the room because I was waiting to find the perfect piece of furniture.  I really wanted this dresser but no shot in hell Tall Tan Man would let me buy that {it is $1200...}. 

I had been stalking Craig's List since I started this challenge looking for the perfect sized dresser and wasn't having much luck.  My plan was to find a cheap dresser and DIY this pattern on it.  Now when I found the right size dresser I felt like it was a little over priced at $75 {yeah, I'm real cheap}.  I tried my best to haggle and get it down to $50 but they wouldn't go lower than $70.  Most of my Craig's List experiences have been great, but this person was coming of a little cray cray.  So after another week and me freaking out about never finding anything, Tall Tan Man called them and got the price down to $65.  SOLD.  

I am so bummed but I haven't been able to do anything to this dresser yet because life has been crazy {and my FAVORITE taco restaurant gave me food poisoning}.  After having the dresser in the entry room I decided I didn't want to paint the white pattern on it.  I just don't think it would work.  I do plan on sanding it down, staining it, and updating the hardware.  

I also plan on adding a lamp to the table and putting the plant in a different container.  If you missed my {POST} earlier this week I talked about my new purse rack that I strategically place over our ugly alarm system.  

I'm hoping this dresser is updated by next weeks post!  I have a half marathon on Sunday in Oklahoma City so I'll have to get after when I get home.  Thanks for stopping by!


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