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Friday, March 16, 2018

Life Lately.........

To say our life has been hectic recently seems to be a BIG understatement.  But like most seasons of life, the more hectic/scary/unknown things are the more I need to trust God. On our 5 year anniversary trip to Keystone, Tall Tan Man started getting calls that there was a massive layoff at his company AND his company was going to be shutting the Denver office.  What the what? At the time I was 6 months pregnant. The control freak in me just kept thinking...we need healthcare... we need healthcare...

Thankfully, we were in the group that was offered to either take a severance package or move to Nashville.  Pretty big choice, if you ask me.  Growing up is tough sometimes. I want so badly to move into our forever (or maybe 15 years?!) home and be settled. There are a couple problems with that... like WHERE is that home??? We have been in Denver for 5 years now and it still feels like something is missing. Is it my mom? Is it southern winters? Is it good Mexican food?  Or is it that this world will never be my forever home? Whoa yeah, I went there.  God has really been working on my heart about that, and about the fact I don’t always need a plan... even when I’m 7 months pregnant.

Tall Tan Man agreed to go to Nashville but things could still change. We think that’s what’s happening...🤷🏼‍♀️  Everything still seems up in the air to me.  I’m majorly in nesting mode, in a house that I only *think* I’ll be bring this baby home too.  We still don't know what our move date is...  I’m still putting together a nursery bc doing what I love is keeping me sane.  I’m also packing boxes of stuff we don’t frequently use. #byebyewafflemaker  I’m trying so hard to be organized, but I’m probably going to have to live in Nike shorts this summer.

Sorry for the unorganized ramblings. That’s just where I am in life right now. I just keep praying for a content and easy going heart in all this. I'm also praying that I know how to support Tall Tan Man through all this. I know we will look back on this season and see how things just worked out... I just want to know HOW they work out.  I WANT TO KNOW!  Alright, I think I'll go pack up our DVDs and Sean's Wheaties box 
collection.  #hehas100s #prayforus 

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