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Sunday, August 12, 2018

What's Next?!

Hey y'all!  I posted back in March about how we were pretty sure we were moving to Nashville.... sooo since it has been FIVE MONTHS I thought I would update you on that.  Surprise, were not moving!  I'm sure since we haven't moved already you are not that surprised...  😂 

This whole transition was such a whirlwind and I was super pregnant/had a newborn!  When I was about 35 weeks pregnant we decided that Tall Tan Man's company situation/moving was just not our best option.  I am SUCH a planner and a stressor and hated the idea of him quitting... but we were supposedly going to have paychecks {and most importantly BENEFITS} until July.  

Thankfully an awesome opportunity came up and I'm excited that we will be staying in Denver.  I'm not going to lie... I was excited to move to Nashville.  Both Tall Tan Man and I were looking forward to a change, but we realized that the timing wasn't quite right.  Square peg, round hole type of thing.

Now that we are staying in our house {that we thought was a fix and flip} I have some projects that I want to do!  Our house is updated and could be sold tomorrow if we wanted {the Denver market is crazy}.  I'd love your opinion on a few things I am thinking about doing!  First up is the brick wall in the sunroom.  

I reeeeeally wanted an exposed brick wall in our house but I have never loved our sunroom wall.  Our brick is just not that pretty up close and I feel like it doesn't flow with the room.  I'm thinking I will do some type of white wash and that way I can do as many coats until I'm happy.  Tall Tan Man looked at me like I was crazy when I told him I wanted to do this...  This room also needs a new couch... Our has been broken for TWO years and I was just waiting for us to move to get rid of it.   

Doesn't this room scream "come visit us?" 😜😜😜  I have not showed y'all a lot of the basement because it was fairly "redone" by the previous owners.  Grow room and all, hello Colorado.  Since having a second kid our only guest room is now in the basement.  And it's terrible.  Hodge podge decor... the rug has a bump in it I can't seem to figure out... it is SO dark {which people do love when they stay}... and it has somehow turned into a storage room. 

I'm debating on waiting to start this room until the new One Room Challenge starts in October.  That way I have a deadline and am motivated to get the room done!  The last room I want to do some more work in is our Master.  Now I use the word "master" loosely because this room is just a tab bit bigger than our other bedrooms.  

This room has been what we women like to call "fine."  One of the biggest issues in this room is storage.  Our drawers are so packed it is hard to find things.  If I just did laundry I usually have to shove things in the drawers and hip check the drawer to close it.  Another sucky part about the room is we only have one night stand.  I'm not sure if I could fit two and the room still look good, but I am going to try.  That rug is already gone so things can only go up from here!

So just a few small projects?!?!  What do you think I should start first?

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