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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

7 Month Old Levi

Levi Paul, how on earth are you closer to your first birthday than your birth?!  Y'all, this little love bug is still the sweetest baby and he is starting to interact more each day.  I'm almost embarrassed to say this... but I didn't know if this whole "Mom thing" was my cup of tea until Mack was 8 MONTHS!  And guess what?  That's totally fine/normal if that's how you feel.  We don't have to love everything about the baby phases because some older woman says to cherish every moment.  That is how I feel about that...    

It is incredible to see how much Levi has grown.  I still remember the Starbuck's Barista asking me if he was a premie.  Which made me want to jump over the bar and deck her.  This was probably because of my hormones but irregardless I was so offended.  #andirrational 

Air guitar?  😂  Levi is still super content to not move...  Just in the last 2 weeks he really started rolling more but doesn't seem anywhere close to wanting to crawl.  I keep trying to remind myself that this is nice because when babies start moving it totally changes  everything.  Levi doesn't seem to love one food more than any other but reeeeeally wants to feed himself!  

Still waiting for the crying basket picture but Levi doesn't seem to care!  Here is one last pic of Levi wearing his first pair of jeans 😍...

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