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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

One Room Challenge {W2}: Demo is DONE + Painting

It has to get worse before it gets better, right!?  The office still feels like a disaster but we did make some progress this week!  If you missed {last week} I shared all the before pictures!  

So bad...

I shared on stories this week that we were able to remove the closets in this room because there is already a large storage room/closet attached.  It is what we lovingly call the pot room... Yep, we bought a house with a grow room in it!  How Colorado is that? I think the best part is that I didn't even realize what it was until after we closed on the house!  #naive Bye bye old closet!

Up next Sean did all the drywall and mud.  #besthusbandever It is such a messy job and your house ends up all covered in dust!  Maybe I should postpone cleaning until this project is done.  πŸ˜‚ Our awesome neighbor is a painter and he did all the texture and primer!  so! freaking! awesome!  

I was hoping when we started this project we were going to be able to get rid of the bump out on two of the walls.  Come to find out that is how the previous owner ran the electrical and we couldn't get rid of it... πŸ˜”  I decided we would do a board and batten treatment on it to some what disguise it!  Now to decide between these two colors:
So what is your vote??  Green or grey?  Grey was my first thought but I am second guessing myself!  As always you need to go check out the other One Room Challenge participants! 

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