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Thursday, May 21, 2020

One Room Challenge {W3}: Floors and Frustration

Hiiii!  Man oh man... I am posting late this week because I feel like I've hit the wall in this project.  😭  My goal this week was to finish the floors and we almost have them done.  Which is fantastic (!!!)  but I'm feeling defeated about finding furniture/decor with all that is going on.  I went to Target, Hobby Lobby and the only Homegoods that is open and it was all so picked over...  I thought with the challenge being half way over I would have some vision for the room...  buuuut I don't.  It's fine, which actually means it's not fine but I'm believing I can figure it out!   Alright, enough whining let's look at our new floors!

These were the second cheapest vinyl floors Home Depot sold {the whole room for about $200} and I'm so happy with how they look!  Also, they were so easy to install!  After getting the first row done it was pretty smooth sailing!  

Now I really have to decide what color to paint the board and batten!    

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