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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Own Wall Gallery

 I was looking for something to put on a wall in my living room that wouldn't be too hectic, but would take up a good portion of the wall.  I have seen many people do photo walls before and I thought this idea would be perfect!  My cousin is actually the one who inspired me to do this when she was buying her frames at Ikea.  I also got most of my frames from Ikea, and  some from Homegoods.  A couple of the frames I already had :)  I first laid the pictures out on my floor, and moved them around until I was happy.

Then I cut tissue paper {I didn't have anything else to use} to the size of the frames, and taped the paper on my wall.  I actually nailed the photo hooks directly through the paper, and that worked great.  I just had to measure how far down on the frames the hooks would need to be.  This made placing all the frames on the wall easy!

These pictures bring back great memories.  Most are from when I went backpacking in Europe with my bff from High School (Rome, Amsterdam, Paris, Florence, and Switzerland).   Some of the other pictures are from Cabo San Lucas, Scotland, and the Grand Canyon.  As you can probably see I still have one frame to be filled, and one frame needs to get a colored version of the picture.  I actually did order them, but the quality came back poor :(  Also, it looks like I need to straighten up some of my pictures.  A professional blogger would of probably straightened up her frames before taking the picture {I am not OCD at all}...Maybe I should just take pictures at an angle.  

We are half way through the work week!  YAY!   I joined 24 Hour Fitness today to fight back against the ridiculous amount of desserts I eat this time of year... :)  Tall Tan Man is off to Sydney today {he is actually a day ahead of us}!  I sure am jealous! 


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