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Sunday, November 6, 2011

OU Book Pages Frame

I looooove Sunday afternoons.  I went up to Oklahoma this weekend to watch my beloved Sooners take on the Texas Aggies.  The trip was really fun, but got a little scary when my friends apartment started to rock {not shake} from an Earthquake.  I thought this part of the country wasn't supposed to have Earthquakes...but what do I really know about any of that.  When the apartment started to sway we all started to scream, and ran towards doorways {I am not sure if that is what you are suppose to do...}.  That pretty much sums up that story {sorry if you were wishing for some great story where I rescued a small child}.  I have been pretty obsessed with book pages lately, and I had this frame sitting in my craft cabinet waiting to be decorated:

I am also a little obsessed with my alma matter, The University of Oklahoma.  I really wanted to make an OU frame that wasn't super cheesy, and that would match my decor.  Fortunately for you, you can learn from some of my mistakes.  I will let you know some of the things I would of done differently if I were to do this project over again.  I first applied old book pages all over the frame using Mod Podge.  To use Mod Podge you cover a part of the surface with the Mod Podge place paper down and cover again.  *I should of worked with the frame upright, and wrapped the paper around the edges.  Instead, I just ripped the paper off on the edges leaving the side of the frame visible.  *I would of also wrapped the paper on the inside of the frame where the picture actually goes. Adding those steps may take longer to do this project, but I think it will make a better end product. 

Finding wooden letters that are the right size was a little tricky.  I went to the big three {hobby lobby, michael's, and joann's} before deciding on these letters from Micahel's.  I wanted the letters to be "crimson" not red...not maroon.  Get it right.  Red = Texas Tech and Maroon = Aggies.  I used paints that I already had, and mixed them until I got the right color.  Boomer Sooner Crimson!

I love crafting.  I wish I could just keep crafting all afternoon, but a stack of papers are staring at me to grade {sigh}...Have a good week ya'll!


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