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Friday, June 15, 2012

Baseball Groupie {Bridgeport, CT}

I am glad to say that the 9 game road trip is over.  I have a lot of respect for ballplayers that stay in hotels 70 nights in one baseball season.  I might of had a little breakdown on the way home {Camden, NJ} from Bridgeport, something about wanting to eat vegetables, and wanting a place to run without the fear of being taken. {sigh}  Tall Tan Man handled it great.  I was really being stupid and irrational, but he chose to spin all of my emotions in the right direction.  I am a lucky girl :)  Back tracking a little, our trip to Bridgeport started with a lunch at Five Guys.  

We have this burger joint in Dallas, but I had never been.  I will say the Cajun fries are delicious.  This was pretty much the only highlight of the road trip, and getting to see the skyline of New York City.  One other incredible incident was paying $30 in tolls for a 3 hour drive...crazy!

Just a warning this post is going to be short, and random kind of like my trip to Bridgeport.  I got to go to Trader Joe's for the first time...

We of course found an amazing breakfast place in the neighboring town of Fairfield, CT. 

The stadium  There were a bunch of old beautiful churches, and a great coffee shop.  

The stands were packed...

:) this poor guy fell asleep a few times.  This was the second game of a double header, and the first game started a 10:30 AM.  Not exactly prime baseball time, and it was rainy and 60 degrees.  Alright that was all!  I'm excited to be back in Camden, and to see Tall Tan Man pitch tomorrow!  Ya'll have a great weekend!


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