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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baseball groupie {York, PA}

I am loving summer break!  I have already lost track of the date/day/time, ate way too much, and slept for 10 hours in one night.  I can't believe my body was able to do that!  Just a *warning*. Much of what I like to do in cities I visit is eat yummy food.  I flew into Philly earlier this week, and I am so happy to be back with Tall Tan Man.  Going a month without seeing each other sucks {not a nicer way to say that}.  Before heading to York, Pennsylvania we {including one of his long time teammates & friend} went to Atlantic City.  If I had a little more control/knowledge of this I would of made us go a bit earlier so we could of spent more some time on the board walk.  I am such a woman.    Right when we got there we headed out to a club, and it was pretty jerseylicious.  I saw way too many men with overly gelled hair and designer jeans.  Regardless of the unfamiliar place, we all had a lot of fun shakin' our grove thangs.  The next morning we headed to Brittany's cafe.  

The restaurant was located close to the water, and seemed like more of a local place than tourist place.   The cafe was tiny and cute, there were cops drinking coffee, only one cook, and one waitress. Tall Tan Man got the breakfast quesadilla, and I got an Italian egg white omelet.  His meal was waaaaay better.  TTM: 1 Leslie: 0.  After breakfast we were off to York, Pennsylvania.  The hotel in York is pretty unique.  It was built in the 1920s and has a lot of history {Boys II Men stayed here!}.  The only downside to this hotel is that it has not been updated, or dusted since the 90s. 


 Real keys!!!  The ballpark is one of the cities main attractions, and the first night here TTM was charting {a pitchers thing}. So for the first time in our 5 year relationship I got to sit with him at a game.  I am pretty sure I have gone to over 200 games so this was a treat! :) 

The first morning in York we went to Mezzogiorno, pronounced Mez-G-ur-no.  This casual Italian restaurant is located in the market which I will show you pictures in a little bit. 


 Tall Tan Man got eggs over easy with Holly sauce {mustard/mayo/cream}, and super fabulous "home fries."  I got an egg/feta/spinach/tomato omelet with a banana pancake.  Mine breakfast was definitely better.  TTM: 1 Leslie: 1. I also got these chips at Mezzo, because I was really curious.  All this curiosity might be making my pants tighter.    

Cupcakes are one of my biggest food weaknesses along with chips & salsa, and margaritas.  I was pretty pumped when I saw this cute shop.  I told Tall Tan Man I wouldn't make him go, and I took myself on a date.  Just Cupcakes Cafe was delicious, and adorable.

 Oh how I love mini cupcakes. 

My favorite was the PB, and second was probably the oreo.  Now my pride is wanting to interject, and tell you I have worked out everyday on my "vacation."  I am pretty sure my routine of big breakfast, dessert lunch, and salad dinner is not the healthiest.  It is always interesting running around random cities.  I never felt exactly threatened here, but I did wish I had my mace on me...Here are more of my favorite things from my trip to York. On our last day we headed back to Mezzogiorno's, because it is located in the same building as the Market.  

 Tall Tan Man's breakfast might make your mouth water a little more than my oatmeal and fruit...but both meals were delicious and mine was lower calorie so I score this a tie TTM:2 Leslie:2.  The Market was awesome.  My inner organic-trendy-hippie was happy. 

We bought some yummy fruit, and I got lunch a mini pie from The Pie Shop.  The vender was making the pies right there in the market.  It would of been totally rude not to indulge in one of his 
blueberry pies.  :)

The pie was wonderful. 

I really loved this sign above a church.  Such truth.  Hope my food pictures did not bore you!  We are off to Waldorf, MD tonight after the game.  Excited to be in a new state!  Pretty crazy how close all these states are to each other.  I guess everything is really bigger in Texas.    


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