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Monday, June 11, 2012

Baseball Groupie {Waldorf, MD}

Hey Ya'll!  I just really felt the need to use the word "ya'll", because I feel so far from Texas...If I didn't have Tall Tan Man here I don't think I would last very long.  I have made a few observations of some differences between Texas and the Northeast:

1.  Northeast drivers are WAY crazier than Dallas drivers. 

2.  Is there ever a time or place without a bunch of traffic {again, Dallas isn't even in the same ballpark}?

3.  My inability to order at restaurants quickly does not result in a smile.

4.  Where is a sonic?

5.  I need to wear jeans & jacket to a June baseball game? 

6.  Why are there police cars/vans everywhere?

7.  Who would of thought you would spend more money on tolls than a nice steak dinner?

Now please do not get me wrong, there has been a lot of gracious and kind people I have met.  These are just a few things that make the Northeast not feel very homey.  Speaking of friendly...I have probably had the most awkward ballpark moment of my life.  Waldorf, MD is the home of the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs.  The ballpark is extremely nice, and their fans are great.  My first night there I was waiting in line to get into the ballpark when all of a sudden the Mascot...

grabs my arm, and pulls me past the entire line.  I am thinking to myself "this is weird...uhhh why wont he let go of my arm?"  I tried to make awkward conversation asking where my section was {FYI mascots don't talk to people}, and finally he let go and walked away.  Unfortunately, the story does not end there.  He finds me in my seat during the first inning, and decides he should sit next to me and stare.  I am all shades of red hoping Tall Tan Man's teammates to not notice this awkwardness from the dugout.  He then starts motioning with his hands for me to give him a pen.  I tell him I don't have one.  Please just get away from me you creepy blue thing.  After what seems like an eternity he leaves.  I think I am finally in the clear, but no.  He comes back in the fourth inning, and at this time he has a pen.  I have never wished so badly that I had someone sitting next to me not an empty seat.  He begins asking me questions.  "Why are you at the ball park alone?"  I really wanted to say "hey creep, are you an idiot?  girls don't come to the ballpark alone unless they are with a player", but I am not that forward.  I said "boyfriend" and point at the dugout.  I guess I looked all sorts of awkward, because TTM's teammate felt the need to come over an check on me.   The mascot asked me a couple more question, basically saying he thinks he is way better looking than TTM.  {sigh}  Sorry for the long and somewhat stupid story, but this was really the only real interesting thing that happened in Maryland.  It was definitely not too interesting that I got dominated by TTM at Putt Putt.  

I owe him a lobster dinner for that one...One exciting thing that did happen is I got to see Tall Tan Man start {first time experience for me because he use to be a reliever}.

He's a stud muffin...

He did great, and I thought I would celebrate with a treat :)

My theory is that ice cream does not have calories in the summer.  One of the days I drove to DC to see my old college friend and roommate Brittany {a.k.a. B MAG}.  I forgot to take a picture, but I had plenty of old ones to pick from. 

I miss having her close.  Her hubbs is a Marine, and that has taken her far from Texas.  The food in Waldorf was not super unique, but it was nice having Panera. :)

I love the chopped chicken cobb {they added avocado, score!}, black bean soup, and yummy acai berry tea.  :)  Can you notice the creepy thing that happened with my order?

That does not happen very often...Well we are on to Bridgeport, Connecticut and I have been told that I am not allowed to run outside by myself.  Guess I will find out if Tall Tan Man is being dramatic ;)  Have a great week!  


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