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Monday, July 9, 2012

Baseball Groupie {Camden, NJ}

The last stop on my trip visiting Tall Tan Man was his home ballpark in Camden, NJ {this post is a couple weeks delayed}.  The ballpark is really nice, and I love how Ben Franklin Bridge is directly behind the outfield wall.  We didn't spend much time in Camden {if you want to know why, google the city} besides going to the ballpark.  

I am a lucky girl.  Camden is right between Philly and Cherry Hill, which both had a lot of things to do.  Of course I found a fabulous bakery, Classic Cakes. 

Our favorite restaurant for the most important meal of the day is: The Silver Diner.  Tall Tan Man might be mad at me for putting this picture up, but I cant help it.  He is just so darn cute.  ;) 

I bet you didn't notice that he already has food on his fork.  I bet he is thinkin: Woman, you better take this picture quick.  I am hungry, and you really don't need more pictures of us eating.  I am glad he loves me.  The Silver Diner had fabulous food, and most of the food was locally grown.  

Philly was right across the river from us, and it was a easy subway ride {I don't think it is called a subway...}.  You can't really beat $2.80 for a round trip.

Out in Philly shakin' our grove thang. 

One night we went to eat Mexican food at El Vez in Philly.  I was somewhat skeptical of Mexican food in the North East...coming from Dallas I know what good Mexican food is.  El Vez did not disappoint me.  Thankfully, because our bill was $70 {I even got soup}. 

We I had to have something sweet after dinner. 

My last full day we visited "the shore."  I was disappointed that I did not see Snooki, but pleasantly surprised on how nice the beaches were.  It really reminds me of Gulf Shores.  I wish I would of known that the beaches were nice sooner, because I might of asked to go more.  :)

Right before I said my somewhat tearful goodbye, Tall Tan Man and I had breakfast at Sabrina's in Philly. 

Oh goodness it was good.  By far my favorite breakfast place in the north east.  I had a Frittata, and TTM had a burrito.  We also split whole wheat pancakes {whole wheat means zero calories right?}.

I adore him...

I am sorry if my baseball journey posts are boring you. I only have one more promise!  Have a great week!


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