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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jewelry Wall

Happy Sunday to you!  I am currently sitting in my parents living room, because if I am being honest I miss living with them... I know that is silly for a 26 year old to miss living with her parents, but I do. There is something comforting about my Dad talking to the TV, my Brother napping on the couch, and my Mom is reading the paper.   This last week I had a couple projects, and one was organizing my jewelry. 

 It was difficult to get really great pictures, because my jewelry wall is in my bathroom {no windows}.  So please bare with me.  :)  My earring and bracelet rack {left} is made from a frame which I removed the painting from, and found for under $10 in a Flea Market.  Inside the frame I used expanded metal that is from my Granddad's shop, and he cut it for me.  I believe you can find this at Home Depot.  I used S hooks to hang the bracelets.  

I knew I wanted a shelf, but could not find one I loved that was the right size.  I got this book from my Grandparents house, because I thought it was pretty.  Not because I planned on reading it... To make this you will need a book, L brackets, masking tape, and gorilla glue. 

1.  Tape pages together.  

 2. Glue brackets facing upwards.  Allow plenty of time for the glue to dry.  

3.  After brackets are secure, glue the covers to the taped pages.  Allow plenty of dry time.

4.  Secure shelf to wall.  You will only be able to use two screws, because the others are covered by the book!

The last project for my jewelry wall was a necklace rack. 

To make this you will need a board, 2 picture hanging brackets, super glue, 3 knobs {Hobby Lobby on sale!}, and fabulous necklaces. 

***Make sure when you buy the knobs you can remove the screw from them.  You will want the back flat.  

1.  Decorating your board.  I randomly had a board saved for this moment...

First I painted the board black.  I wanted stripes, so I taped off 1 inch stripes. 

Paint the stripes white.

I wanted a somewhat worn look, so after pealing the tape off I sanded a bit.  

2.  Attach your 2 brackets to the back.  Make sure they are far apart so your board will not move when you take necklaces off.  

3.  Place 3 marks where you want your knobs to go, and super glue them on.  Make sure you use plenty of glue, and allow lot of time for them to dry!

Hope ya'll have a great week!  I will be headed to Sugar Land/Houston on Thursday so if you have any breakfast/lunches/church suggestions please let me know! :)


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