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Sunday, July 15, 2012


I need to start this post with a somewhat embarrassing confession... I am addicted to Gossip Girl.  If you don't know what that is, {whew} just know it is a show that takes place in New York City.  While visiting Tall Tan Man in Jersey, I had New York City on my mind.  I had gone here on a church trip back in the summer of 2001, but really wanted to see the city again.  We did not get into the city until the afternoon, because of some stand still traffic we sat in for a couple hours.  This really helped Tall Tan Man get excited about our day of sight seeing.  After a brief subway advice from probably the rudest lady I have ever encountered {#misstexas} we headed to Times Square.   

We pretty much walked in circles, and tried to take funny pictures:

We ended up just getting weird looks...I am glad I have someone I can be weird with :)  Up next was Central Park. 

A very nice New Yorker took this picture for us which helped me start to think my subway experiecne was just a fluke.  We then headed to Isabella's.  This was recommended to me by {The Stimson Chronicles}.  This was was excellent authentic Italian food, and the feel of the restaurant was so cozy.  You should not go here if you are wanting an intimate meal {we weren't, but I wanted to warn you}.  I got to over hear many conversations... My favorite was a guy asking the girl he was with if he was looking fat...she said no...he said "okay, I will get the pizza" hahaha Maybe you had to be there? 

Next was dessert.  I bet you could guess where without looking at my next pictures.

 SERENDIPITY, of course.  Ever since watching John Cusack fall in love with Kate Beckinsale I knew I needed to go.   I was so excited to try...




Frozen Hot Chocolate...wipe the drool of your face Leslie...what does that even mean?  Frozen & Hot?! More like...Chocolate Heaven.  Holy Moly.  Tall Tan Man had the wonderful job of documenting this experience. 

My thoughts starting from the left: 1) I finally get the try frozen-hot chocolate, gotta get a good pic for the blog  2) I am not sure I know how to handle this  3)  here we go...first taste, this is crazy... frozen & hot consistency  4)  please, please, please...don't let this ever end!!!   If you are ever in New York City I definitely recommend Serendipity!  I will mention that there is an $8.50 minimum per person.  The frozen hot chocolate was $8.95, therefore Tall Tan Man was forced to get something sweet {the world is ending}. 

The first and last place we saw was Ground Zero.  It is still hard to believe that is has been almost 11 years since 9/11.  When I was in New York City the first time it was the summer of 2001, and both towers were still prominent in the the skyline.  

Seeing this was a harsh reminder that there are bad people in this world, and there are so many people still affected by what happened.  If you lost someone that day, my heart hurts for you.  If you are serving to protect our country, thank you.  If your loved one is serving to protect our county, thank you.   


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