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Saturday, August 10, 2013

DIY Modern Artwork

Happy Saturday to you!  I am happy to say I survived my first week back at work.  You can ask any teacher, in-service days can be brutal!  This is not because of anything the school is doing, we are just ready to have kids in our classroom.  I am getting really anxious about meeting my new little {freshman and junior} learners.  Tall Tan Man and I have really settled into our little home.  Last weekend we were out of town at a wedding and for the first time I missed our home.  Pretty nice feeling.  As far as decorating goes we have most of the big stuff done, but I have about three projects per room to finish.  Our bedroom is slowly coming together and we had been debating what to put on this wall:

Can you already see the "issue" were going to have?  Yep, that fire alarm is like a nasty zit on the wall {sorry, that was gross but I couldn't think of another analogy}.  We debated a big mirror, picture collage, and then finally decided on a piece of art.  With Tall Tan Man pretty much graduating with an art degree, I decided this project could be his.  We searched around online for inspiration and found {this piece of art} from Dans Le Townhouse.  TTM somewhat followed the tutorial she provided.  We used paint color Rich Navy by Glidden {from Home Depot}.

Good job, baby!

This artwork is a little more modern than I would of picked if I were still living alone.  But I am happy to say I really love it!  This is and good example of designing for the sexes {yes, my man has opinions I am working with them}.  Now, I need to decide how to decorate the top of the dresser.  The gap between the art and the dresser is a little bigger than I would of picked, but the zit fire alarm didn't give us much choice.  Let me know if you have any brilliant ideas!  


p.s.  I just got home from my first session of CrossFit and I am not sure if I can get up off the couch...

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