Sunday, August 18, 2013

Finished {DIY} Coffee Table

Have a mentioned before how talented my husband is?  He is pretty stinkin' awesome.  Little did I know when we got married I was marrying a craftsman.  Tall Tan Man made this coffee table because mine was a little too frilly for him.  Here is the before picture:

We found the plans for the coffee table on Ana White website {here}.   I still want to add metal brackets on corners, but I have not found ones that work yet. We got these screws at the Home Depot and spray painted them with Oil Rubbed Bronze. 

Tall Tan Man stained the table with Minwax Weathered Oak {2 coats}. 

I am still looking for a metal or wire tray to go on top.  It needs to be really big because this coffee table is far from small.  For the time being we have our wedding books we ordered from My Publisher.  I got a groupon for them and I am so happy how they turned out!

Hope y'all have a great week!  :)



  1. This looks amazing! He could open a business. Also, I am interested in the shelf in the background. :)

  2. We have talked about it, but we are not quiet sure on the logistics. We might need a house for that :) I got the shelf at Hobby Lobby! It was last year though... I know World Market has a similar one that I love!

  3. What KiNd Of Wood Did Your Hubby Make The Coffee Table Out Of?

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