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Thursday, August 29, 2013

DIY Kitchen {EAT} Sign

Hey guys!  Are you so pumped about the 3 day weekend?  I can't wait.  It's funny how sleeping is the thing I am looking forward to most.  My poor husband misses "summer Leslie" who could stay up late.  

Alright, it is time for me to be honest.  I hate above kitchen cabinet decorating.  If I could have cabinets to the ceiling I would {and I will someday, gosh dang it}.  With that being said, I can't change our apartment kitchen so I am doing my best.  Here is my fancy tutorial:

1.  We got some old fence wood from Tall Tan Man's Gpa's house {don't worry, it wasn't being used}.  Then TTM cut the wood and screwed everything together for me.  

2.  I used wooden letters and chalk from Joann's to stencil on the wood, and then filled in the letters with blue painters tape.  

 3.  Now I made a white wash paint by mixing white paint and water together until I got a consistency I was happy with.  I am sorry that is not an exact recipe, but that's what I did.   

4.  I white washed over the letters making sure I did not have too much paint on the brush and brushed away from the letters.  I needed two coats for the letters to really stand out.  


I hope you have a happy Friday and enjoy your long weekend.  Oh and...



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