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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

One Room Challenge {W2}: Demo, Spackle and more Spackle

This might make me sound crazy but I kind of feel like Joanna Gaines right now.  and not because we are both pregnant...  You know in the show when she gets to plan the layout, then Chip demos/rebuilds, and then she is so excited to get into the space to decorate? Yeah, we are in the period of time where Tall Tan Man is doing a lottttttttt of work and I just keep online shopping dreaming how to put the space together.  It takes all my strength to not say; "So honey are you going to work on the laundry room tonight?"  Let me make this very clear;  Tall Tan Man is kicking butt on this project and my laundry room already feels like a better place to do my least favorite chore.  Y'all, it doesn't smell funky anymore!!! #kittylitter  TTM is on a mission to make his part of the project super cheap and has only spent FOURTEEN DOLLARS!  Yes, $14!!! I can't believe it either.  Does that mean we will come in under budget {$500}?  Maybe... no promises.  ;)

Now this post is not full of super pretty pictures but let me tell you... my laundry is prettier than it once was.  If you missed it last week I posted all the before pictures {here}.  Up first was demoing the walls around the washer and dryer.  We are not sure why they were even there.  

All of these materials are sitting by the side of our house right now...  I plan on buying another Bagster from Home Depot to dispose of all of it when we are done.  The Bagster is definitely the cheapest way to get rid of stuff if you don't need a full size dumpster.  Up next was making this wall seem like it fit in the room...

This was a little tricky because it sticks out about 4 inches farther than the rest of the wall.  We can't really move the wall because it is the back of a shelf in our sunroom.  We decided that making a faux wall would hide the ugliness.  

He loves me and this project! 😂

We are definitely not leaving the wall the brown color.  I have an idea up my sleeve so we'll just have to wait and see if I can pull it off.  I'll give you a clue, it rhymes with wall taper ;).  Up next was a lot of drywalling, mudding, sanding and texturing.  

This camera angle wasn't even possible before with the random wall!  I have been slowly stock piling things to put in the rom when it is finished.  Annnnd let me tell you, I thought I was just a little scatterbrained this pregnancy.  

Confirmed.  Scatterbrained city.  Hopefully I am enough with it to not lose my receipts!! Thanks for visiting and you can see other room transformations at One Room Challenge Link Page:

One Room Challenge™ Guest Participants, Week 6
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