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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

One Room Challenge {W3}: Cabinets, Painting & Wallpaper

I can't believe we are already in week 3 of our laundry room makeover!  You can see my week 1 post {here} and week 2 post {here}.  I know I have said this before but Tall Tan Man is kicking major booty on this project.  I am super ready to put pretty decor in the room and that might just be this week!  Fingers crossed!  Although the room still looks like a disaster we have come a long way:  

Week One 

Week Two

Week Three!!!!!

First I'll talk about our "new" cabinets.  Our laundry room is located in the back of the garage that the previous owners made into a room.  The ceilings are super tall and we had a lot of wall space to fill up.  Initially I went to Home Depot to look at their prefabricated cabinets and they had some affordable options.  

We would need two of these cabinets and with a budget of $500 these would been over half of it.  I decided I would go check Habitat for Humanity Restore to see if they had any options and I found these...

Now if you think anything like Tall Tan Man then you say "honey, you know those don't match..." and I respond with "just imagine them painted, honey."  These cabinets were significantly bigger than the Home Depot ones which was great because I really wanted them to be proportional to the wall.  The cabinets are actually  different widths which I don't think anyone would notice if I didn't mention anything.  We got both cabinets which are roughly 42h x 36w x 12d for a grand total of $59!!!  Can I get a, heck yeah!? 

Tall Tan Man primed the cabinets with oil based primer and I painted them with left over paint from our bedroom walls.  I got the pulls from Target on clearance for $20 total.  Our all in for the cabinets is $79!  

We are planning on using {this method} to extent the cabinets to the ceiling to make them look custom.  Up next was finishing the walls.  The room was previously patched together with sheet rock and flowery particle board.  Last week I talked about Tall Tan Man texturing the walls.  This week we painted the walls with Sherwin Willams White Heron.  The perfect white, if you ask me!  

We decided not to texture/paint all the walls, because I had the crazy idea to try wallpapering.  This was 100% because I found peal and stick wall paper in the Target clearance section...  Anyone else have an addiction to the end caps at Target?!?

I ended up only needing one package of wallpaper and it cost only $14.66!!!  I was intimidated by the process of hanging wallpaper, but as long as you have two people it is super easy.  It also helped that Tall Tan Man is a perfectionist and he made sure we did a great job with lining everything up.  

You might be wondering why we didn't take the wallpaper to the floor... great question!  We are planning on putting a built in cabinet right there.  I am so excited to have some counter space in our laundry room! 

The laundry room now just a has lots of little projects left.  The two biggest being these:

The floor {and ceiling} and crazy wall!  Okay, this was a long post...  but if you are wanting more here is our current budget breakdown: 
2 boxes of Spackle : $26
Particle Boards: $20
Total Cabinet Costs: $79
Paint Cost: $24
Wallpaper: $15

Total: $164

I hope you have a great weekend and I'll see you back next week with hopefully some more progress! 

One Room Challenge™ Guest Participants, Week 6
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