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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

One Room Challenge {W4}: Pegboard Wall, Engineer Print & Cabinet Work

Say whhhhhat?!?  Yep, that's our laundry room.  I know you have to squint a little bit to hide all the unfinished parts but it's is SO MUCH BETTER.  We are now in week 4 of the One Room Challenge and I'm really hoping we are able to finish the room!!!  Mack and I head out to Texas for a week for my sweet friend Jill's wedding.  Which means a whole lot of dancing, eating and laughing with friends...  I can't wait {say a prayer my bridesmaid dress a) zips b) zipper doesn't break}, I just wish a magic fairy would come finish the room for us! 

Before I get started here are my week ONE, TWO, and THREE posts!  Now on to week four!  Let me remind you of the worst wall in laundry room:

This wall was stained and had weird wire housing.  Let me remind you... Our house was build in 1962 and we are only wanting to spend $500 on the transformation.  I was pumped when I thought of  putting a giant pegboard on the wall to hide all the ugly.  

The pegboard is 4 x 8ft which was pretty dang close to the perfect size. Tall Tan Man was thinking we should leave the wire housing in the original metal.  After looking at the pictures I'm thinking we should paint them white to blend in with the wall more... What do you think???

I decorated the pegboard with metal baskets I found on clearance at Target.  There was just a small problem...

They were pink... which was not really the look I was going for.  I decided to buy them anyway because they were only $4 each and I had Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint already!  

Up next is my favorite part of the room... Our wallpaper wall with a new laundry sign!  I got the image from Yoohoo Prints for only $4.33 and printed it from Office Depot for only $3.50.  I really splurged on the $20 frame from Ikea!  

The last project that we Tall Tan Man worked on was extending the cabinets to the ceiling.  We did the same project in our kitchen and it definitely changes a rooms look completely!  I haven't done any caulking yet so don't look too close!

Here is a budget update:

2 boxes of Spackle : $26
Particle Boards: $20
Total Cabinet Costs: $79
Paint Cost: $24
Wallpaper: $15
Engineer Print: $28
Pegboard: $19
Pegboard Decor: $23
Cabinet Extension Cost: $15

Total: $249

Alright, we are on to week FIVE!  I am hoping we get a couple small projects done so I have something to share!!!
One Room Challenge™ Guest Participants, Week 6
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