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Monday, October 15, 2018

Mack's DIY Book & Toy Cubbies

Hey guys!  This post is making me all sorts of emotional!  Surely, my hormones are back to normal by now?!?! yeahhhh right, I'm crazy for the rest of my life! Seeing Mack have a big boy room just reminds me that babies don't keep.  They are little for a blink of an eye, and you just don't get that time back.  

I recently decided that Mack could use some sort of organizer for his books and a few toys in his room.  I try to keep our toys in one room because I am not one of those parents that say "sorry for the mess my kids are making memories."  Sorry, thats just not me.  I did want some toys in his room for by some miracle he woke up early and thought "I don't want to wake my parents up yet, I'll play in my room" 😂😏

If you have been around here a while you know I love these heavy duty crates from JoAnns.  They are $30 each but I always use a 50% coupon to get them.  For this project I already had one crate...

Here come the tears again!  Mack and I spent many hours in that spot.  Thankfully I posted about that {DIY Nursery Side Table} so I knew how to stain my new crate to match.  

Next, Tall Tan Man and Mack removed the casters, attached the crates with wood glue and screws, and reattached the casters.  

This is the great part of loving DIY... For $15 I got a new cubby and no more toys on the floor.  For at least the next 5 minutes.  

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