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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

4 Month Old Levi

"Mom, you better get this posted before I'm 5 months old!"

I am soooo behind! 😬  I was good about taking these pictures when Levi turned 4 months {Oct. 1st}, but life happened and I'm just getting around to posting them.  

He is growing like a weed!  I love having these pictures because I've already forgotten how tiny he was.  At Levi's 4 month doctor's visit he had gained about 9 lbs and grown 7 inches.  Maybe thats why he still gets up at night to nurse... 😢😴  Levi is still the happiest baby unless you are trying to give him a bottle.  Which he is still refusing!  He loves playing in his play yard and would rather lick the ground than raise his head during tummy time.

Levi took his 3rd trip on a plane to Oklahoma and slept through his first two tailgates.  The OU brainwashing has already begun!!!  #gotoOU #please 

Since his 4 month appointment he has been eating like a champ.  He has not refused any solids but still looks confused when he is eating.  Mack is definitely use to him being around now and is still so sweet to him.  He talks baby talk to him and loves to give him kisses.  Levi loves watching his brother but doesn't love it when he talks 2 inches from his face.  

I'll be back on Thursday for my week 4 update on the basement guest bedroom!  It is a little ridiculous how excited I am about the transformation!  💃 

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